First Post…Kinda


This is my first post on this blog but it’s not my first – I originally had another blog on here, mainly for nail art, I didn’t update it in a while then when I went to use it again, everything had disappeared ☹️ Obviously I was super bummed about that, all my posts were gone, and when I Googled, this turned out to be a pretty normal thing for WordPress – I’m not a tech person at all so had no idea about backing up or anything like that.

But, the good thing is I get to start afresh.  I still have some of the pics from my original posts so I can still show them for polish reference and stuff like that –

Just so you know, I’ve set the publish date for this back a lot further than it’s actual time of posting so I can put the older reviews back too and 2012 collection polishes won’t be showing right at the top of your blog roll 😉

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