Swatch and Review – Barry M Lychee Nail Polish


I know, I know. This first coat is just arhhhh – it actually looks better in the picture than it did in life 😂 – it was not easy to work with BUT, I will say in this polish’s defence, I’ve had it a while and not worn it in a while so it’s maybe gotten a little thick and goopy which I hadn’t expected and prob should have.

I actually persevered to a second coat, it’s so super shiny I wanted to make it work, and even went on to a 3rd coat (oh man, lol), I gave up..but…a little nail polish remover to return it, and remove this attempt. Anddd we’ll try again –


Still not perfect but better, I like this colour and it reminds me of the foundation nails trend that went around a few years ago (pretty sure that’s why I bought this lol) so I’m gonna keep with it.

The nail polish remover helped it apply much better but I feel it’s definitely less shiny than before 😞 below is two coats with two coat.


I remember really liking this polish when I bought it BUT I remember it didn’t have great last – maybe a day or 2 before chipping.

Would I recommend it? – Yes and No. It is a really nice polish and colour for the price – these are just £3.99 and usually on offers like 3 for 2.  So if you like cheap and cheerful nail polish and don’t mind reapplying then yeah! Just remember to use it up quick, otherwise you could end up with the main pic nails! 😳 😂

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