The Best Spray Tan – Sienna X


Edit – Sienna X have changed their formula and the colours different, and they’ve changed the smell too 😭😭😭 back to the search for amazing spray tan

Hey’all, as you might know, I’m a trained beauty therapist and have my own spray tan machine (it’s really for spray tanning clients butttt I can never resist topping up myself lol).

Spray tanning other people, and not just myself, it’s important to me that I use the best product. I did a course with Sienna X (which I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn, I learned with a lovely trainer called Nadia) and absolutely fell for the products.

I will be totally honest, I find the retail products (body balm etc. a little over priced) but the spray tan itself 😍😍😍😍

Scent – Sienna X tan smells like a little tropical island – honestly, it’s like a coconut paradise; it doesn’t have that fake tan smell, I just loved smelling like this coconut scent.

Tan – This pictured is 12% and I wore a bikini to give you a look at my real skin colour ☺️

The tan goes up to 16% and starts at 6%, I’ve tried 8, 10, and 12% and all are amazing.

It lasts really well, even after the guide colour washes off, it’s still a lovely deep brown, unlike some other tans where you lose a lot of the colour after washing away the guide colour.

Price – I buy mine from Capital Hair & Beauty, its not cheap over Β£50 a litre when VAT is included – it lasts a good amount of time though, about 20 tans per bottle – if you’re new to spray tanning it’ll be less but you use less as you get more expierience.

Edit – As mentioned above, Sienna X have changed their formula, I’ve tried Crazy Angel, Fake Bake, and a few others, and am still on my search for back to the search for amazing spray tan

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