The Best in Hamilton – Mavrix

maverix-hamilton-review.JPGHey everyone, today I bring you Mavrix – if anyone can genuinly let me know a place that does better food in Hamilton, honestly let me know as I’d love to try.  I’d go as far as saying Mavrix isn’t just the best I’ve tried in Hamilton but the best in South Lanarkshire for American-style food, and I wish their takeaway stretched as far as delivering to me.

My picture doesn’t look that great (you know by now, that’s just my picture taking lol) but Mavrix food tastes AMAZING.

If you love American style food, this is defo for you.

On my plate is their chips, with added pulled pork and cheese (the pulled pork is just £1.50 extra and they are super generous with portions for that price!) I’ve tried this combo almost everywhere I’ve ate – it’s my fave and what I’ll almost always ask for if available – and this has been best of all I’ve tried so far.

BF has a spicy burger (which I can’t actually remember the name of but it was only about £5-6 which is great for a burger these days as most places think it’s norm to charge £10 for a plain burger).

Atmosphere here is good as long as you’re okay with sports pubs or bars (I personally like them). Under 18’s aren’t allowed so this isn’t a family pub atmosphere, and don’t take your kids as I’ve seen families be told to leave ☹️.

The feel kinda reminds me of the bar from Cheers which goes with the whole American thing. I’ve not tried the takeaway (as I mentioned, Uddingston’s not in their takeaway zone) but I would definitely recommend you try Mavrix if you’re looking for something new to try around Hamilton way 😎

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