Swatch and Review – Morgan Taylor If The Slipper Fits

morgan-taylor-best-ballgown-ever-swatch-buy (1)
Hey lovelies 😘 This is another colour from the Cinderella collection that has sparked my love for Morgan Taylor.
If The Slipper Fits is clearly inspired by Cinderella’s totally dreamy (I thought for a while and there just aren’t amazing enough adjectives for how she was) ball look.  I was super, super excited for this colour – click on in if you wanna see how it wears 💙

morgan-taylor-best-ballgown-ever (2)

One coat is pictured above, first, I will say about this – the glitter is gorgeous in real life, it’s super sparkly and shows all different colours just like a diamond would  💙💎

It finishes quite rough to the touch so I added some topcoat to smooth it a little.
morgan-taylor-best-ballgown-ever-swatch-buy (3)
It took 3 coats to really build up the blue to a Cinderella-like level, and I had to be careful when building the coats – each had to be totally dry before adding another as is started to remove the polish that wasn’t completely dry from the last coat as I applied new ones – in the end I kinda dabbed on the polish to get good coverage 🙈😂

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