Swatch and Review – OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid

opi-hybrid-swatch-buy (2)

‘Ey up love ducks 😘 Just like some of you don’t get my greetings (like this one lol), sometimes OPI will name a polish something I just don’t get, such as My Dog Sled is a Hybrid – so… 🤔 it’s from the Nordic collection so might have a dogsled rather than a car, but why are you green? 🤷‍ With a name like this it could have been husky white, or grey, or even one of the browns from the collection, but green leaves me confuzzled.

opi-dogsled-hybrid-one-coat (2).jpg

Anyhoo 🙂 – here’s one coat: pretty, huh?! The streaks didn’t show so much in real life btw.

Straight away this reminded me of the green from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection (couldn’t remember the name BUT Google let me know it was Mermaid Tears).

This is a definite 2 coater – this is two coats without any top coat 😮

opi-hybrid-swatch-buy (1)

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