Store Swatch – Armani Eye Tints

Armani Eye Tint 1 10 12 (1)

Here we have three Giorgio Armani Eye Tints shades 1 (Obsidian), 10, and 12 in order.

I wanted to swatch these after seeing Obsidian used on Cate Blanchett at the Golden Globe Awards.cate-blanchett-golden-globe-awrds-2016.jpg

These are a texture like I’ve never felt with an eyeshadow before, they apply with doe applicator. It looks like you won’t get a lot for your money but honestly (like I found with the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise) a little goes a long way.  I applied the brown shadow first, then was more aware for the other 2 colours.

If you’re wondering, these are £30 each, and I found them in House of Fraser.

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