Swatch and Review – Selena Gomez Hit the Lights

opi-selena-lights-swatch (3).jpg

Hey y’all 😊 This is my first try of a Nicole by OPI.

I found this on sale in a Watt Brothers for just 49p! The colours there were all yellows, browns, or greens so am guessing they were the leftovers that didn’t sell from the brand’s Selena Gomez collection (I love that we have the opportunity to get discontinued US colours over here – even if it is monnnnths later 😀).

Here is one coat of the Hit the Lights yellow 😖 haha – have faith, it’ll even out.

opi-selena-lights-one-coat (2)

Now onto 3 coats – I’m pretty sure this is OPI Need Sunglasses (just a little thicker formula). Nicole by OPI and OPI sometimes do share colours and just rebrand under different names – Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary from the Tinkebell collection also showed up as a pumpkin orange (can’t remember the exact rename) in one of OPI’s Halloween mini sets – so will swatch them together and post a pic at some point. The colours is almost identical but applied better.

opi-selena-lights-swatch (1).

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