Swatch and Review – Morgan Taylor Cowboy Boots or Pumps

morgan-taylor-cowboy-boots-swatch-buy (4)🀠 Well, hidee Partners 🀠 This is probably the only proper brown I’ve ever bought and if you know me and my love of cowboy boots (and basically anything cowboy), you know why I bought it ☺️

morgan-taylor-cowbuy-pumps-swatch (1)This is just one coat of the polish – you can see the brown tones in it, but also a lot of streakiness.

Below is just two coats, the streaks smoothed out to this creany finish (there’s no topcoat here) super quick but you really can’t tell it was brown anymore; it’s kinda like a brown version of OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark – looks black to the unknowing eye but when you know you can see that touch of colour in there.

If you love deep dark browns, this is defo for you.Β  Me, I’m just bummed it’s too dark to match with my kinda cowboy dreams πŸ˜†morgan-taylor-cowboy-boots-swatch-buy (2)

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