Reviewing.. Boots Soltan Fake Tan Mousse


I’ve been on the hunt for a new tan since Sienna X changed their amazing formula 😔

The latest one I’ve tried is Boots Soltan Mousse – I always pick the darkest possible which is Medium/Dark here – it’s not all that dark without the flash tbh, so I’ve shown you a flash pic too (which shows every scratch, scar, follicle lol – the things I do to show you these things 😆).boots-soltan-tan-mousse-review

This is £7.49 from Boots (of course lol) – it has the usual fake tan scent, nothing really that sets it apart from other tans of around the same price.

It’s your average fake tan, nothing too good-nothing too bad. I’ll use it til the bottle is done but will try out another one for the next purchase.



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