Swatch and Review – Revlon Italian Leather

revlon-italian-leather-swatch-buy (6)

Hi everyone – I have a potential little bargain here for you today.

This is from the pound shop – Pound World (I think) and I say potential as obviously not all the stores stock the same stuff: I’ve heard of a few gems people have found and am pretty sure England gets the best picks then then leftover colours filter out into Wales and Scotland.

Anyway, I bought this as I’ve super fond memories of scented polishes from being younger and Italian Leather reminds me of my boo (whose fave scent is Tom Ford Tuscan Leather).

revlon-italian-leather-swatch-buy-one-coat (1)

This is just 1 coat – I was pretty amazed with the coverage; the shimmer shows really nicely too.

2 coats is literally all you need.

revlon-italian-leather-swatch-buy (9)

Ooh, so impressed with the colour, I almost forgot about the Parfumerie smell…smells are obviously really subjective but I would never guess leather from this – MAYBE a new car smell, but it’s kinda like cola cubes to me 😹

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