Swatch and Review – Morgan Taylor Night Owl

morgan-taylor-nightowl-swatchHey peeps! Today I bring you Morgan Taylor’s Night Owl – and my thought for today..why is it when it gets to October do I suddenly feel like trying a dark polish? 🤔
I had thought this was black but applying the first coat could see it’s very much Morgan Taylor’s take on OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark.
morgan-taylor-nightowl-one-coat (1)
This is 2 coats – you can see every flaw in my paintwork 😳🙈 😂
Like most gloss finish polishes, this has a thinner formula that I always find a bit trickier to apply than cremes. morgan-taylor-nightowl-one-coat (2)If you have LPAD, you won’t need to add this to your collection; if you’ve always liked the look of LPAD’s super dark purple-black shade but never fancied buying an OPI, then this is perfect for you 🍆🍆🍆
P.S. – If you’ve seen my other nail posts, you’ve maybe noticed I’m never keen on dark polish and always end up trying to brighten them with topcoat – well, here’s a look at OPI’s Blush Hour over Night Owl for you guys 🤗


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