Swatch and Review – OPI Got the Mean Reds


This is a super quick swatch of OPI’s Got the Mean Reds.

Fans of Breakfast at Tiffanys will definitely smile hearing the name – I went through an Audrey Hepburn phase at about 14 and watched that movie who knows how many times so I could instantly hear Holly Golightly’s voice in my head when I read it.

As you can see, it’s a lil’ mini sized bottle that I got in the OPI Advent Calendar.  It’s just a quick look as this was just the base colour for a nail art look I was doing.

Like most OPI’s it applies really well, smooth, and creamy – it was opaque after 2 coats and that’s using the teeny mini brush.

I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for a classic red, if you already have colours like Coca Cola Red, or Big Apple Red – you probs don’t need to add this to your collection 😘

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