Swatch and Review – Morgan Taylor Let Down Your Hair


Before I get into reviewing this colour from Morgan Taylor’s Fables and Fairy Tales Collection, I just want to mention the colours are exactly the same as the ones from The Beauty and the Beast Collection – just with different names.  This is down to something about the Disney license, MT probably got one for the US territories but didn’t expand it to Europe.

So, with the above in mind, Let Down Your Hair is actually Days in the Sun also.

I really like the non-Beauty and the Beast name on this occasion, it gives instant visuals of Rapunzel and I so love Tangled (mostly Pascal 😍 I’ll use any excuse to include him lol).


As you know I keep my coats kinda thin so 1 load of the brush did 4 nails. As you can see from my fine first coat it’s streaaakyyy but this colour was never gonna be a 1-coater so there’s time to sort that out!


This now is 3 coats – still streaky, streaky, streaky – but – starting to look wearable.


4 coats better – but – all flaws showed up, you need to be a good painter to make this work.


At A Glance Nail Polish Notes

Coats – 2-3 Thick Coats

Finish – Creme

Colour Fam – Yellow

If you persevere with this colour it will pay off beautifully, the pink shift it has is really noticeable and sets it apart from other light yellows.


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