Swatch and Review – Morgan Taylor Antique Top Coat

Morgan Taylor Antique Top Coat orrr Enchanted Platina if you want to use its American name.

I applied 1 coat of this over Magic Within/Potts of Tea…


Ohhh 😮😮😮, I wasn’t feeling it; in some lights its nice, pinky-gold; then in others it’s a kinda murky green.

This is just one coat, I didn’t do any more because I felt that would have hust turned it into a totally different colour and defeated the top coat part that the polish is supposed to be.

Edit! Edit! Edit! – I take back what I said – I put this on over Morgan Taylor’s A-Muse Me (a really dark purple) and was amazed, I really liked it over that, to the point of not being able to stop looking at the signature nail I applied it over).


I chose it to go over A-Muse Me as I’m not all that fond of dark colours and wanted to break up the look a little – and this top coat really did the trick!

I apologize for the super bright pic, it struggled to pick up how amazing this was and went under some brighter light to show it – its not flash, I don’t ever use that for nail swatches.

This is such a keeper for freshening up a mani – just remember, as I found, it doesn’t work over all colours lol.

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