Swatch and Review – Morgan Taylor Not So Prince Charming


As mentioned in the first post I did of the polishes from the Fables and Fairy Tales/Beauty and the Beast Collection, these are both the same so this colour is the same as Gaston and On and On – and you can click on if you wanta see more swatches 🤗

One thin coat was just streaky and awful-looking, I’m not even gonna waste your time and embarass myself showing how it looked lol, but do rember I like a thin first coat.


Two coats – gettin’ better already; if you think it looks bad, just think what the first coat musta looked like.morgan-taylor-prince-charming-three-coats

Three coats – like the other polishes from this collection it applies streaky but seems to level itself out. It dries dreamily smooth – just what you want from a Fairy Tale collection colour.


This could be a 2-3-coater but I went with 4 for extra smooth, creamy perfection. I didn’t use a top coat.

This really reminds me of OPI’s It’s a Boy!, so if you’ve got that, you probably don’t need this.

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