Swatch and Review – Morgan Taylor Once Upon a Mani

morgan-taylor-once-mani-swatch-buy (1).jpgHey hey lovelies 💗 This lil’ beaut’ of a colour is Once Upon a Mani from the Morgan Taylor Fables and Fairytales Collection – otherwise known as Plumette With Excitement in the US where is was part of the Beauty and the Beast Collection.

morgan-taylor-once-upon-mani-one-coat.jpgSo, here’s a look at one coat – the colour applies really streaky – like all the others I’ve tried from this collection (except the top coat) it goes on streaky but levels out more as it dries.  I think the key for these is to apply thicker coats rather than thinner (which I find works better for OPIs).
The brushes on these are my fave for nails so far – they are perfect for my cuticle shape – OPI’s are too long/thin, Nina’s too full, and lots of others are too small/long and hard to control, MT’s is perfect – different finger nails, widths/cuticle shapes will have different needs – my BF, for example, has the widest, roundest nail shape I have EVER seen in real life – I would pick Nina if painting nails like his.
morgan-taylor-once-mani-swatch-buy (2).jpg
I went to 3 coats to show you – You CAN wear this as a two coater but I think it’s def. worth going upto 3 for superb creamy, opaque-ness 💗💗💗💗💗
Highlllyy recommended and just £7.99 at

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