Swatch and Review – OPI Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet

opi-exotic-birds-tweet-shine (11)Heyyyyy! 🌼 Today I bring you a happy shot of sunshine-y yellow!!!
This is Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet from the Fiji Collection.  If you’re wondering why the silver lid, this is one of the Infinite Shine Polishes.

opi-exotic-birds-tweet-shine (5)Here is 2 coats – I’m pretty happy with it but there’s just a few lil’ patchy bits so I added another to take it to 3 😀😀😀
opi-exotic-birds-tweet-shine (10)
Just want to mention because I know it can be confusing, the Infinite Shines are just like normal OPI’s – you don’t need to use the matching top coat/base coat – if you want the gel-like last then yeah, but otherwise it’s the same as wearing normal polish 🤗
I picked this up in Sally’s, I think it was £6.50

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