Swatch and Review – Morgan Taylor All About the Pout


I want to start this by saying as I was taking pictures of this I noticed none were turning out as pink as the polish was in life, I tried so many different angles and under different lights and could not figure out why..then..when I came onto the computer to upload the pics, I noticed they were super blurry – like Vaseline or something was over the camera.  The pics didn’t do this gorgeous colour justice, I’m writing the article up now but will redo with better when I wear the polish again 🙂

This applied a lil’ streaky but I’ve found that to be quite normal with Morgan Taylor polishes and every one I’ve had so far levelled itself out.  It is really nice and creamy.  The pic above is 3 thin coats (so 2 normal coats), it was really smooth, and have I said creamy? lol – I really like this polish and can’t fault it (only my pic which doesn’t showquite how pink it is.

This is from Morgan Taylor’s Selfie Collection and is £8.95 btw 💖

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