Game of Thrones Finale Nail Art


Game of Thrones finale tomorrow 😱😁😒 (all these mixed feels) I’m super excited and cannot wait to see what’s gonna happen and decided to try out some GOT nail art while I wait.

I decided to do the House Sigils – Lannister, Star, Targaryen, and….? πŸ€”I wanted to do someone I liked but also had to bear in mind, I’m not that great at nail art (so Jorah Mormont and his bear was out, as was the Hound).Β  The one I picked is kind of a cheat; it’s part of the Tarth sigil but I decided to go with it since it fit my colour scheme 😊


Colours I used, if you’re interested, are OPI Big Apple Red, Rollin’ in Cashmere, This Gown Needs a Crown, and 4 in the Morning.

P.S. – I know the finale is actually tonight, but as I’m in the UK I get it on the Monday night (and avoid the internet and Instagram all Monday day πŸ˜‚)

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