Swatch and Review – Kylie Butter Kup Nail Polish


Check out my finger sparkles! ✨✨✨ This is the remainder of Morgan Taylor’s Party at the Palace – the glitter stuck all over my hands and was difficult to remove – I didn’t make to much effort to be honest, its nice to have a little Cinderella sparkle now and again.


My first thought on application was sweet, sweet, sweet – this is like a totally Tinkerbell, fairy-type colour (or is it just the sparkle making me think that?) it then dried down to matte which you can see above and which I wasn’t keen on.


This was super quick to dry between coats, and one thing I do like about matte is it makes it so much easier to tell when your ready for the next one.


I went up to 3 coats and as I’m not a matte fan, I then added a coat of Seche Vite top coat to return this to its lovely wet look – it really brought out this polish’s own sparkle too – a total winner, and just remember this polish is only $2.99 (plus tax).

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