Swatch and Review – Morgan Taylor Party at the Palace


This beaut’ is from the Morgan Taylor Cinderella collection but could easily fit in with a Mermaid one too; plus it’s made it into my Highly Recommended List.Β  Read on for more swatches πŸ’›


Two coats – Super pretty!!!! I πŸ’› this already! The streaks show more on camera than they did in life, and the camera just doesn’t do it justice.

This is a lot more green than I expected – looking at the bottle, I felt it would have been more blue – but I love it.Β  I’m not usually a fan of greens so when I use hearts and a lotta love talking about a polish that colour, you know it has to be amazing.

Three coats – this polish is perfection. I didn’t put on a top coat.


Definite winner for me!Β  It’s currently Β£8.95 at

Edit – When you remove this, the tiny gold glitz gets everywhere, it’s nice though – I enjoyed have gold sparkly fingers (that you can see in my Kylie Butter Kup post); but thought I’d mention to prep you for the glitz fest

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