Swatch and Review – Morgan Taylor A-Muse Me Nail Polish


A-Muse Me is a dark eggplant purple – really like OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark.  Perfect for a darker autumn-winter tone.

morgan-taylor-amuse-me-one-coatAbove is one coat – this colour applies super smooth and is probably best as a 2 full/3 thinner coater but I only went up to 2 here and I think you can really get away with it.

Keep a q-tip handy with some nail polish remover nearby if your painting is anything like mine, this is thinner than the creme coats I’m used to so it was easy to over apply and make a bit of a mess!

To the unknowing eye, this will look black.  I’ve shown it against the black jeans I was wearing for reference.


I’m never really keen on wearing dark nail colours but felt really luxe and elegant in this – I did though feel a want to brighten it a little so applied Morgan Taylor’s Antique Top Coat over 1 signature nail and was SO glad I did – the pics really don’t do these colours together justice.


I tried to picture it under different lights, but couldn’t really capture the beauty of how this looked, this is in indoor (brighter, spotlight lighting), I don’t do pics with flash even though it looks like I have here.

I really do recommend this polish (it’s £8.95 at for those interested).  If you have Lincoln Park After Dark in your collection though, you probably don’t need this too.

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