I’ve Joined Depop


Like the title tells ya, I joined Depop! – I actually got the app some time ago and never used it but now I’ve decided to get more active.

I picked beautybloggersales as my username thinking it would be a good place to sell some of the products I tried and didn’t like, or that didn’t suit me – then discoverd (after having my literally used once – with no skin contact NYX powder listing pulled) that you can’t sell used (even lightly used makeup).

I DO see plenty of people listing/and even having sold used makeup listings (like lipsticks that have been used multiple times!) so it is possible, I was just one that got caught 😦

Even though I’ve seen people on there selling used makeup, I will do a listing on here for all the beauty items I won’t be using real soon – I will be happy to do bundle listings etc.

And if you use Depop please feel free to follow me – I always follow back 😘

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