Reviewing.. Zoella Winter Wonder Hand Cream

zoella-hand-cream-review-ukHey love ducks! It’s winter and my skin is definitely the dried-out effect from the cold now (I mean, just look – please don’t 😭 – at how dry my hands are in the pic πŸ™ˆ).

That said, Zoella Winter Wonder Hand seems like a perfect hand pick-me-up ☺️

First up, this cream has a scent I just can’t put my finger on – it’s refreshing and a teeny bit floral.Β  The whole Zoella Winter 2017 range is supposed to have a peony, and mint scent, now I read mint, I do kinda pick it up but it’s not like chewing gum or toothpaste strong mint.


Talking about toothpaste…doesn’t it look like it? This looks super thick but when you start to rub it on, it becomes thin really quickly.Β  The amount in my hand here was way too much, it covered both hands well, and I had lots of excess, and greasy-feel residue as it took a little bit of time to soak in.


This is a nice little gift – the packaging is beaut’ – but if you’re looking for serious winter handcare, I’d defo recommend something with much more targeted ingredients such as Neutrogena’s Concentrated Hand Cream which is just Β£3.99, compared to Zoella’s Β£6 😱!


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