Swatch and Review – Orly Lasso of Truth

orly-lasso-of-truth-white-swatch-buy (2).jpg

Hi hi hi 👋, so here is a look at Orly’s limited edition Lasso of Truth Nail Polish.

I picked this up in America from a Walgreen’s when I saw it with a few other bits from the Wonder Woman collection, and am now using since I feel like a winter white ❄️❄️❄️

I’ve noticed before with these kind of collections, the polishes/lip colours etc. are just re-labels with a new name to suit the collection – this is just a plain white so I’m gonna assume this is defo the case here, I mean, Orly must have a plain white in their collection already right?!
Above is just one coat. First, am gonna  say I was really unsure about the brush with this polish – I had to be careful and apply at a slight angle, especially on the pinky nail.
This is 3 coats…still kinda streaky/patchy.  I have had much better whites – Rimmel’s Rita Ora one (reviewed on my old blog and can’t remember the exact shade name now) was great after 2 coats.
orly-lasso-of-truth-white-swatch-buy (1).jpg
K, so I went up to 4 coats for you guys; didn’t feel like doing a 4 but in the blogging quest to show you just how white this white could be, I did it for you guys 🤗
Overall, an okay polish – especially for the price (this was just $2.99 plus tax – sale price as I think it was supposed to be $5.99) but there are much better plain whites with better brushes out there ⬜⬜⬜


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