Swatch and Review – Artistic Colour Summer Crushin’

artistic-colour-summer-crushin-swatch-buy (2)Hey!! The polish of the post was a trepidatious little venture for me – I’m not keen on orange, think this is the only orange I’ve swatched, and the only one I’ve owned that wasn’t part of a mini set, but it’s new year so the perfect time for trying something nyooo! 😊

I own probably about 10 yellows, but orange just doesn’t give me them happy feels. If you saw Little Red Suit, and Resting Beach Face, you know I’m totally loving the Artistic Colour colours lol, and when I saw this on sale, decided to try it.

It’s not a super bright orange in the bottle, and that’s just how it looks on the nails too – a kinda muted, dusty orange I’ll call it. This is one coat..artistic-colour-summer-one-coat (3)

The quality is just as amazing as the other colours from the Baywatch collection (only needed two coats, applied really well, and this is it with not topcoat) so don’t let my non-love of orange get ya – if you like orange, then this is defo one for you to get 🧡 🤗

artistic-colour-summer-one-coat (1)

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