50 States Diner Clydebank Review


Thought I’d mention this place as theres not much online about it.  As you might have seen, I am totally in love with the whole ‘50s American vibe, so every time I’ve seen this place from outside I’ve wanted to try it.

Finally, after seeing it for what must be at least 2 years (I’m not in Clydebank all that often if you’re wondering why it took soo long), I got to try.

The menu is huge – there is a lot of variety.  Hot dog lover that I am, when I found out it was on a bun and not baguette (like so many places over here serve their hot dogs) I had to try it – and I always go for a hot dog with onions if I get the chance.

Bae, as you can see, ordered a whole host of things – no comment on the chicken wings as he never actually ate them (too full, then took away but forgot about).

Prices in here are really good as are portions – I saw so many other peoples’ orders and everything looked really good and generous,

Desserts look the bomb, but I feel to have room for them you’d have to be coming in for just that.

Atmosphere-wise it was quite quiet, I think if the music was a little louder it would improve it so much – we were in at lunchtime though so maybe if you’re in later it is.

If you want to check out out it’s just outside Clydebank Shopping Centre.

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