Reviewing…Skinnydip Sugar Scrub

skinnydip-body-scrub-reviewWhilst looking for present ideas before Christmas, I saw the Skinnydip range and knew I’d def be gifting some of it but also that I wanted to try some myself.

I chose the in the BUFF set – not only do I LOVE a body scrub but the lil’ pink spray bottle just looked so refreshing (we’ll talk about that one later)!

Finally, I have my own set and couldn’t wait to get trying…

I 💖 💖  scrubs and just look at the packaging on this one 😍

I couldn’t wait to open and see what it was like, here’s the answer…



For me personally, I don’t find sachet packaging all that practical so emptied the contents into one of my empty Miss Patisserie scrub containers.


This is the amount from the whole pack – if you’re familiar with Miss Patisserie scrubs, Skinny Dip’s one is a whole other experience.

The texture is quite gluey and pastey – it is super thick and kinda sludgey 😶

It’s not like the scrubs I’ve been used to but I still excitedly tried it.  When you first put it on, you kinda feel like “this isn’t gonna work” but once it begins to work with the water on your skin the paste disolves and it becomes really workable.  The smell btw, is okay, but nothing like that of Miss Pattisserie’s super strong scents.

If you like gentle scrubs, you’ll probably like this – I prefer scrubs that really, like, realllly scrub but I know its not the same for everyone.

Overall, I’m a little underwhelmed BUT I did have super high expectations for this as it looked so dreamy and the packaging was just made for me.

If you’d like to try it out the set is currently on-line at for £8.00.

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