I Bought a Waffle Maker!!!

lidl-waffle-heart-maker-uk.pngNew kitchen goodness I am so excited about!!!!

I seen that these dealies were going to be on-sale in Lidl so made sure to be there on release day (I have no idea how quick Lidl stuff sells out but know they always say once its gone, its gone, so was in in the morn).

Side note – The offer bit was super packed with a range of goodies, like a 20kg kettle bell for £10 – I was seriously tempted by this as I’ve always wanted a kettle bell but 20kg is probs (defs) out of my working range buttttt £10 for that weight is an amazing price.

I got my lil love-heart shaped waffle maker for £9.99 anyway and am super excited about this!!!!

I have never made anything like waffles before so will probs make something basic first and update you on that when I do, even though my imagination is getting carried away with ideas of blue-and-purple bubblegum flavoured waffles and the likes 💜😂

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