Anchovies and Totally Recommendable Glasgow Pizza

tonys-giffnock-6-inch-anchovy-pizzaI have never tried anchovies (that I remember anyway) before this amaze pizza!

Want to give a shoutout to Tonys Pizzeria in Giffnock – I’d never tried it before but was close by and it showed up on Google and I’m so glad this is what we picked.

It’s basically a little takeaway, you CAN sit in, but you’d be lucky to find space and it’s more for people on a quick lunch break than a date or a chat if you know what I mean.

Anyway, this place will make pizza however you want it – I had a 6 inch with just cheese and anchovies as I wanted something new and went small as I wasn’t sure I’d like it – I did.

I’m glad I’ve now tried ‘em after hearing them mentioned in films and tv shows for yeaaaars.  Probs won’t order them again though 😃

The other pizza here is a meatball one, and both these plus a drink were only just over £10.tonys-giffnock-pizza-meatball

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