Swatch and Review – OPI Infrared-y To Glow

opi-infrared-y-glow-glitter-topcoat (2)

Here is a quick look at OPI’s Infrared-y to Glow Glitter Top Coat.

The glitz is a mix of kinda arrow/chevron shapes and little circles in a rosegold sorta colour.  It’s not normally something I would purchase but it was in the sale being from the Starlight Collection that was out for Christmas 2015.

I put it over Morgan Taylor’s Tag You’re It pink (which I just reviewed) rather than use a normal topcoat – I chose to do just a little touch of glitz, and then a lot on the signature nail – sorry I’m just showing 2 fingers right now, my middle nail broke right across 😞

I found this really easy to control – just getting the glitter I wanted at the base of the nails, then being able to pack all the chevrons onto the signature nail.

I’m calling them chevrons but now I look at them they remind me a bit of the little ships or shots that you got in games like Space Invaders (think it was called that) and with the Infrared, and Space theme of the polishes, this one is starting to make sense to me lol.

Anyway, this is one I don’t think I’ll be using again so if anyone wants it, I will be putting it into my next blogger sale post when I get around to making it (or just message me) 😘

opi-infrared-y-glow-glitter-topcoat (3)

Update – here it is over OPI Need Sunglasses too –


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