Simplest Jam Recipe EVER

making-jam-hardboilI made jam!!!!!!!

This was my first ever attempt, and so chuffed with myself I am (if you couldn’t already tell) I had to share!

This is for part of my latest birthday cake escapade which I will update y’all on later in the week!

I am currently in the foundation stages – have made the sponges, filled and butter creamed them so now they’re in the fridge chilling and getting ready for me to smooth down 😎

The jam venture was totally unplanned – I could have used only buttercream to fill – but I felt the need for something extra and I’m so glad I tried it!

It wasn’t without some trial and error but the result was grand!!! (And that’s from someone who really does not like jam)

This is the recipe I used – (I literally Googled easy raspberry jam recipe) so full credit to epicurious.

Being unplanned and about 11pm, I had to go with what I had – Raspberries were the only fruit I had in the fridge (just 72 grams of them to be exact 😅), I also put in a few frozen blueberries from a frozen fruit/cereal bowl I got from Iceland to try – so that maybe equalled another 5-10 gram of fruit 😆 – told you this wasn’t planned.

The recipe called for 1 litre raspberries and 1 litre sugar – I clearly had no where near that but kept the ratio the same.

I read on another site (one I couldn’t go with as it needed pectin which I defo wasn’t gonna find in my cupboard) that I should pre-heat the sugar as it would dissolve better – I had real reservations about this for some reason thinking it would totally melt but I poured it into one of my cutie loaf tins and placed into the oven for about 15 minutes.

(This is what was left after I’d put the unburnt bits into the jam mix lol)


On the hob, I mashed the fruit up with my spoon (a metal one btw! Because all the wooden ones were MIA🙄😅) once the fruit had boiled for a few mins I poured in the sugar.tiny-amount-jam-making

Most of the comments on epicurious’s page about this recipe showed concern the jam wouldn’t set because of no pectin etc. (I hadn’t even considered anything like this being a non jam person) but there was really no worries – in fact the opposite – mine set so well once it was off the heat that I twice had to reheat it and add a little boiling water to thin it down.making-jam-way-too-thick

My result was still quite thick (a little more water would have done the trick making it more spreadable) but I was super happy with how this turned out and it was the perfect amount for inside the cake!making-jam-thickness-fixed

I will give a little more info (and taster comments!) on this jam in my cake post but I HIGHLYYY recommend the recipe – especially for first time jam makers – I would definitely reduce the amount though if it’s your first time as I feel working with such a small amount really helped me in the trial and error process.  Happy jam making anyone who decides to try it 🙂

EDIT – Lots and lots of compliments about this cake; I even liked it and I never like my own stuff.  The jam had a slightly chewy texture which my bf and I both really liked. I don’t think there was one bad comment and I have a family who are not afraid to criticise 😒 lol

Love ya peeps 😘

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