My DIY Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

paw-patrol-rubble-skye-cakeSo……Here is my latest cake I’d been working on 😊

As you can see it was for my cutest little pal ever, Elle! Like last year’s cake, it’s Paw Patrol theme as she still ADORES these pups 😍 (and I’m so glad as they’ve not only got the cutest personalities but there’s an endless amount of design ideas).

I initially wanted to have a green grassy, hilly Adventure Bay looking bottom layer then the sky on the second but felt it was a bit similar to her last year cake so wanted to go brighter and more colourful with pink!

This pink was a supermarket own brand (Sainsbury’s Hot Pink to be precise) and I don’t recommend it – it was a very wet and sticky feeling fondant that was incredibly hard to roll out and work with even using a TON of icing sugar it just kept getting stuck.


I really loved how the buttercream turned out – it was a classic buttercream recipe (just icing sugar and butter) – coloured with Doctor Otekar Violet Gel Colouring, and flavoured with a purple Fruit Shoot lol.

The sponge is just classic vanilla sponge – nothing fancy (except the middle layer was coloured pink), just a basic recipe and it turned out great (it actually tasted like a real birthday cake if you know what I mean).

The cake still lacked the height I wanted so joining the jam (see this post if you missed it) in last minute decisions, I added a rice crispy cloud layer.  With no actual marshmallows, I opened these blue/white foamy sweets that I purchased to give as a little Christmas extra and forgot about – these did not melt well :/ I am so glad that no one ever tends to bother about eating or trying my rice crispy cake parts as this one ended out a little burnt, not only because I added the crispies while the pot was still on the heat 🙈😂

White fondant worked wonders over my mallow layer; and some fondant clouds and candy floss added more clouds for my sky look (don’t make my mistake and put candy floss in the fridge – I knew somehow it wouldn’t last in there yet still decided to decorate and store in there overnight – all my gorgeous well-placed clouds disappeared into a thin, sticky residue 😣☹️  I repaired it with some leftover in the morning though 😌 and also cut out a bit of the cake (which is pretty daunting) to add in some of Rubble’s rubbly sweets 😊

I handmade a Paw Patrol badge with the birthday girl’s name, then some figures were my best pals in completing the Paw Patrol look!



Overall, I don’t feel this cake was as good as I wanted but I’m still happy with how this looked, and especially how the bottom tier cut, held, and tasted!


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