My Almost a Fail Black Bean Protein Brownie Recipe

Hey homies, so here’s a recipe I’ve wanted to try since I first heard about it (this one and Avocado brownies😋)


Now, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually ate a black bean – maybe in a wrap or burrito 🤔 but who knows – I’ve also never tried coconut flour, or made anything other than a drink with protein powder – so how these would turn out or are supposed to taste is a whole new experience for me

Now, so much was missing from this recipe, that I’m amazed by how it turned out, so lets get down to it an see how it went baes..

fullsizeoutput_898First up, heres the whole list of ingredients you’ll need –

1 Can of Black Beans – around 250g (Get the ones in just water, not salt water)

20g Oats – I just used Scots Porridge Oats which I had in the cupboard

Teeny Pinch of Salt

60g Chocolate Flavour Protein Powder

20g Coconut Oil

3 Large Eggs

4 Table Spoons Cocoa Powder

2 Table Spoons Apple Sauce (Optional)

4 Table Spoons Honey – I used Rowse’s Honey that comes in the squeezy bottle – you can use whatever flavour you like, I personally really like the Wildflower one

100g Chocolate Chips – Dark, Milk, whatever you like – These are optional, you could also use raisins, fudge pieces, whatever you like

1 Tea Spoon Vanilla Extract (This is totally optional and tbh you could use any kind of flavouring you want – strong ones like coffee would probably be better)

Pre-heat your oven to 180c.

So, first you need to turn your black beans from beans into a smooth paste – easy of you have a food processor, blender, that kinda thing….I don’t…this was gonna have to be a manual job 😞😂 I tried the back of a spoon, it just pressed them together, I tried a potato masher, it did the same, I Googled and read a fork, now we were talking.  That said it took me about 20 minutes (and gave one one blister on my finger from all that forking😂) to turn this into a smooth paste.

I also want to say to anyone who has never used black beans before – they smell, like, really badly stink.  When I first opened them, I was not aware of this and it wasn’t something I was prepared for.  It’s not actually the beans, but more the water they are in – once you’ve rinsed the beans really well and got rid of the can, you can’t smell it any more so don’t worry.


With your black bean paste, it’s now just a matter of mixing in all the other ingredients

AND here’ where my recipe almost didn’t happen, but I’d started, and after 20 minutes of mashing, I was gonna 💪

I bought half these ingredients listless and remember something about coconut – buying coconut flour instead of oil.  My cocoa powder was about 6 months out of date so I wasn’t gonna use it. The salt had ran out. I also forgot the apple sauce, had no vanilla anything 😣 argh.  So how my actual recipe turned out was:

The black beans (about 230g of my tin as some fell when I was draining them), 20g oats, 60g protein powder, honey, more honey instead of apple sauce, a bit more honey instead of vanilla, about 20g melted Lurpak instead of coconut oil (it was salted so at least some salt ended up in there😂), 60g chocolate protein powder, 3 large eggs, 20g coconut flour instead of cocoa powder, 80g chocolate chips, I also added a pinch baking powder even though it wasn’t in the recipe because I’m me and thought it was🙄😂

By now, if your experience is going anything like mine, you’ll have a mixture that looks something like dog food🙁😂


So now you want to get this into your baking tray – grease your tray – I used Lurpak.  Looking at the mix, I knew this wasn’t gonna be enough to fit into my tray and rather than put it into a round cake tin, I went for the makeshift tinfoil trick 🙄


This, I put into the oven at 180c and left for 25 minutes – the recipe recommended 20-25 and I always tend to pick the higher timing.

So, here’s the result (I put gold glitter on them because, that’s just what I do – with just about everything lol).  If you don’t like crispy edges on your brownies, maybe just go for the 20-22 minute bake lol.


I WISH you could try these because they actually taste so light and have the strangest yet still nice texture. They don’t taste chocolatey – even with the chips, and I’d never guess there were beans in them if I’d been gave one of these. One problem is, I have no idea how much honey I put in and think it plays a big part in the texture, but I will defo try my version again even though it seemed it was never gonna work out.

EDIT – I’ve since made this with the recommended recipe, including cocoa powder, and much prefer my first slapdash one – that said, the second ones are obviously much more like a chocolate brownie, they’re very rich and quite heavy.  These first ones are lighter and could easily be a snack that you still feel okay eating because it doesn’t taste to chocolatey and you know it has the black beans and protein.

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