Super Simple Superhero Fruit Flan – Part 2

Well hey guys, it’s that time of year again – when I make a birthday cake for someone who doesn’t like cake (why are there so many of these peeps 😆)

Last year I decided on a fruit flan since the birthday guy loves custard, fruit, and I could customise the design to suit, and since they like superheroes I went with the Batman logo (you can see it here).

I went for the same idea this year, I initially thought Superman but kinda feel blueberries just aren’t blue enough for his logo lol, Green Lantern seemed simple enough (though he’s not too into him), Iron Man’s seems a bit too complicated, then I thought Flash!

So, you wanna see how it turned out, click and read on

Like last time it starts out super simply –


  1. Get a ready made flan case (this one was from Tesco and about £1.49), then fill it with tinned custard. (obviously this step isn’t quite so easy if you’re making your own custard or flan case).fullsizeoutput_7d4
  2. Get your ready washed and prepped fruit and start placing it in whichever design you like – I started with the outer raspberry edge, then placed the mango and pineapple lightning bolt on top. I found it easier to place the lychees last as they are so easy to cut and fit around whatever shape you want
  3. fullsizeoutput_7d5Now 😖, ya can see this doesn’t look to great 😳😳 – the lightning bolt is lacking any definition (and it really needed it) so I melted down a little chocolate and placed it round to make it stand out and make the shape a lot more obvious.fullsizeoutput_7d6
  4. I could have finished it here, but I wanted to make a glaze – the thin, really light syrupy one that you’re only just aware of on usual fruit tarts (which I’d forgot about last year) and decided the classic red variety would go super well with the flash design anyway
  5. I used one sachet of Green’s Ready Quick Jel for this – and followed the packet instructions really closely – theres a few different instructions for whatever type of fruit you use (fresh, tinned etc.) and because I used mainly fresh I went with those instructions.

Now, when this packet says stir every minute for 10 minutes – it really does mean 10 minutes – I ended up just over 11 and it went from perfect looking glaze to super jammy in that last one minute 😫 fullsizeoutput_7d7

7. I put the thick jelly – that was getting more thick as I spread (not poured like I’d planned to) it on thinking it would turn out better once on the fruit…and…


It really didn’t lol.  Even with the failed glaze, I’m still happy with how it turned out.

I will say, for anyone planning on making this, last time I used the spongey flan case, this time I used the pastry one, and I got FAR more good and amazing comments about the spongey one.  I think the pastry one is more classic (from what I’ve seen in shops and bakeries) but everyone really did like the other one better so if I could change one thing about this – it wouldn’t be the jelly/glaze, it would be the case.

Hope some of these cookery comments helped ya – I have a cake to make for a diabetic soon (another non-cake cake! lol) so look out for that in late April (their birthday is April 26th) if you like my odd custom cakes 😂 xx

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