Swatch and Review – OPI Pink Ladies Rule the School

opi-pink-ladies-grease-swatch-uk (1)I KNOW we’re gon’ rule this week, and the colour of the day is OPI’s Pink Ladies Rule the School.

opi-pink-ladies-one-coat-swatch (2)

Above is one coat – I kinda felt it was too close to the pink in my skintone as soon as I put it on – it looks okay in the swatches, but I’m not sure this will suit tan/olive skin tones – it’s got a kinda orange base so is a little clashy on medium tones but could be great on really light, or dark tones.

opi-pink-ladies-swatch-buy (2).jpg

This is 3 coats; looking at it next to the Pink Ladies’ jackets, OPI are almost spot-on with their colour inspiration 🌸🌸🌸

opi-pink-ladies-grease-swatch-uk (1)

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