Swatch and Review – OPI Pineapples Have Peelings Too

opi-pineapple-peelings-glitterHola chiquitos 💛

I’m feeling all tropical right now thanks to this nail colour – Pineapples Have Peelings Too! Some on-line places say “Feelings” but my bottle defo states “Peelings”.

So, as you might have guessed if you’ve read my nail swatch posts before, this was a clearance section reduced price colour. I’ve seen this is many reduced sections..Sally’s, Capital etc. but found this in Watt Brothers for 99p – OPI for 99p, well, I mean, yeah! Lol

As you can kinda see in my swatch pic I had unintentionally left this bottle lying on it’s side which had the unintended effect of putting all the glitter on one side – I totally didn’t mean this but am happy it happened (and think I will do this in future for better control of some glitter coats).

OPI Pineapples Have Peelings Too – One Coat

Due to the above, my first coat had very little glitz and it let me see the polish clearly, it totally reminds me of OPI’s Oy, Another Polish Joke from a few years ago and makes me think it actually IS it just remixed with some random glitter and extra shimmer.

I did two coats; then, for the third, made sure to pick up as much glitter as I could to show you how it looked.

It really is a random mix – varying sizes, blue, green, red, orange. It is a pretty polish but it’s kinda like if you seen yellow-and-green random polka dot trousers in a clothes sales section – it’s not surprising they’re there, who designed them and thought they’d sell well? You know what I mean?

That said, this did wear well and I hadn’t used top coat as I wasn’t looking to wear this long.opi-pineapple-peelings-swatch-glitter

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