Quick Swatch – Sally Hansen Golden-I

sally-hansen-golden-eye-swatch-nailHey y’all 😚

Just wanted to share a quick swatch of Sally Hansen’s Golden-I shade which I found in Poundland’s sale – I never really appreciated Poundland while it was there but think I’ll miss finding random little nail gems.

Being in their closing down sale this ended up 90p – it’s a really pretty, shimmery gold which is beautiful but reminds me of my Aunt Margaret lol (not that that’s a bad thing lol, but it’s just not a me colour). If you love golds though, there’s no reason not to like this colour 🤩

You’ll probs be able to find this in Superdrug or Tesco etc. if you can’t find it in your local Poundland, or if it’s shut down already.

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