Trying..BOOTS Summer Pea and Mint Fritter Sandwich

boots-summer-pea-fritter-meal-dealHey y’all 💛

Here today I have a little Boots meal deal choice to share with you!

This is one, that sounds odd to most people I know in real life but I think most of my internet peeps will appreciate this, I mean, especially if you love a look at Pinterest like me, and have been seeing pea and veggie fritters for a while 😋

Boots always tends to be really good with vegan and vegetarian choices and they really did it with this one! Obviously taste is totally subjective but I love this sandwich and think everything about it is perfection from the  fritter to the mint (which I didn’t expect to like) to the malted bread – it all goes so well.

I’ve actually took a pic of the ingredients as I SO want to make these fritters now I’ve tried them (Pinterest never really swayed me too strongly but these have! I may go for a Pinterest recipe though as they’re a lot simpler for a fritter newbie like me and with a lot less ingredients lol) boots-summer-pea-fritter-ingredients

The one bad thing about this sandwich is it’s limited edition 😫, I think I will be just a wee bit bereft the day I go into Boots for lunch and they don’t have it.

This is £3.15 btw, but the meal deal is £3.29 total so you get a drink and snack for £0.14 lol. Promise ya I’m not sponsored by Boots even though it does sound like it in this post ha ha.

Love yas! 😘

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