Swatch and Review – OPI Get in the Espresso Lane

opi-espresso-lane-swatch-Hey everyone! 😚 With it being autumn 🍂 I’ve decided to go for a darker brown shade.

So.. here is a cheap little OPI I found (think it was only about £3 at Capital – they have loads becoming gradually reduced to phase out the older style bottles), this one is called Get in the Espresso Lane and it’s from the Touring America collection (tanks Google! 😌).

Let’s be honest, I would not have bought this if it was full-priced, I’m only ever keen on lighter, more pastel nails BUT this one gave me a real surprise.


One coat didn’t give me high expectations, but on the next, I was super impressed. It was a really glossy, smooth colour that had an elegant look on my nails – there’s a touch of green in there behind the brown that gives it a little deeper nuance and stops it being just a plain dark brown.


Seeing the glossy finish, I would totally recommend this colour even at a dearer price – especially if you love darker nails.

Just thinking, it’s really reminiscent of Revlon’s Italian Leather Nail Polish (which features a hint of fine, fine shimmer) so would recommend that if you like the look of this shade but can’t find it – it shows up for £1-2 on-line and is scented so totally worth a try 🤗

Love yas xxxxx

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