Help Me Anyone, Just Be There


Just putting this here for anyone that needs it because I do.

I’ve not blogged in so long because I’ve been stuggling with things, the people around me know and I’ve told them how they can help, and yesterday after everything has been too much for months and months I was pushed to an emotional breakdown.

I was in so much emotional pain I punched and scratched myself, the dashboard, I just wanted something to take away how strong the pain I felt inside was.

That was yesterday though, and the strength of that is away but the pain that’s there really shouldn’t be – my boyfriend who was with me did nothing to calm me down, not even a hand on me to make me stop or make it feel okay.

He packed his stuff and left without a word, and now my family (who I live with and who saw me get mad at him for not doing a thing) haven’t spoke to me since.

I’m at my lowest and at a point where I just want a hug, NEED a hug, and I’ve been ignored, and treated like I don’t exist.

It’s been over 24 hours and not even a text or one bit of human emotion. I could be dead for all they know – and you think they care? Cos their actions don’t show it at all. And it’s not okay.

I’m rambling, I know, but PLEASE, people, just be there for those around you, even just text them “I’m thinking about you”, or “Hope you’re having a good day” cos even if they’re not, you might just have made it good.

And I know it can’t always be easy for happy people to want to spend time around someone who’s down but you might just save them. Don’t leave them, please if you can do something for them, just do it.

Don’t leave someone feeling like me, especially if they’re a relation, partner, or close friend – you can make so so much difference.

If anyone’s read this, I think you must have such a big heart and you deserve so much love back for that, and if you can just send me even the smallest positive vibe, I just want to thank you so much โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

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