No-Bake, No Skill Amazing Birthday Cake Step-by-Step


Hey everyone, just wanted to share this birthday cake with you all – it’s made with all bought ingredients and requires NO baking or cooking so is amazing for still gifting someone an awesome cake when you can’t or don’t want to bake!

You will need –

A readymade sponge cake (Choc or vanilla would work great and make sure it’s short enough that your biscuits will be taller than it)

Readymade frosting (try to match it to the colour of frosting on your cake if it has any)

Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers (Kit-Kats will work well too)

Chocolate (for melting) – As this is for melting and decoration any plain type should do

Maltesers – Make sure to keep the packet for the illusion part!

A straw

Some sellotape

Totally Optional – Edible Glitter – Yay! ✨



Step 1 – First up, the cake – this is just a little chocolate sponge from Asda; I think just about every super market does a cake like this plus it doesn’t need to be chocolate, vanilla would work great too as you’re covering it up anyhoo.

If there are any toppings – this one had some chocolate bits – just take them off, but leave any buttercream or frosting.

As you’ll see later, my cake defo isn’t near flat at the top and it really doesn’t matter, you don’t need to level it or anything.


Step 2 – For the coating, try to get one that matches the frosting on your cake if it has any already.

If you’re not in the mood to be making buttercream (and I defo wasn’t) then these ready made ready-to-use frostings (like this little Betty Crocker number) are a lifesaver (‘kay, honestly, I think these taste terrible – if you can make your own and have the energy, time, money, ingredients etc. defo make your own it WILL taste better but if you don’t plenty people still adore the taste of these).


Step 3 – Again, I think Cadbury’s Chocolate Finger biscuits are available most places; if you can’t get them though Kit Kats or another straight tall biscuit should be fine – biscuits are probably better than chocolate bars as they’re sturdier and less likely to snap or move.

You want to begin placing these around the cake one at a time, mine began falling randomly after a while as I was still working my way round – this got frustrating and quite messy for some of the little guys – then I worked out I should have used a little melted chocolate between each to help them set it place and stay like a sturdy little wall. You will also need this chocolate later so keep it handy 🙂

Step 4 – The topping!!! This part’s so fun. Literally just get your Maltesers are load them onto your cake – have fun cos a little bit o trickiness is coming.

Step 5 – Get your now empty Maltesers packet and the straw – open the packet carefully – don’t do it like me (mines got a little ripped). Place the bendy part of the strong inside and sellotape it in place so a good amount is still left out – this you are going to place into the cake and into the sea of Maltesers.

This bit is tricky, get your melted chocolate and gently dip Maltesers in (one at a time) sticking them to the straw to hide it and create that poured out look. Hold them in place til the chocolate is set (I didn’t and that’s how mine) is a little messy.


Step 6 – Finishing with a flourish! I added ribbon to mine – this really helped cover some of the mess from building the chocolate wall which happened before I started using the melted chocolate.

I then took a few spare Maltesers and halved them, placing the broken halves around.

Then, my fave – the glitter – every thing looks better with a touch of shimmer to me so I couldn’t resist. It’s the edible glitter spray you find in the baking section at Morrison’s, ASDA, The Range, Tesco etc. – just can’t remember then name – it’s about £3 and lasts forever, even to someone who uses loads like me!


Happy constructing it you decide to build one of these – just remember the tips and learn from my mistakes lol xxx


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