Soap & Glory Wonder Woman Bath Fizzer


Just wanted to share with you a little look at Soap and Glory’s Wonder Woman collection bath bomb.

It was part of the Soap and Glory Pamper box (not sure if it’s in any more of their Christmas Collection products) and it is so much bigger that it looks in pictures!

I was super impressed with the packaging – it has to be the snuggest, best=packed bath bomb I’ve ever seen lol.

It was also super scented – it smelled just like Soap and Glory’s Original fragrance and was so strong it could be smelled as soon as the box was opened and also left the box scented inside for ages too. If I wasn’t so eager to use it, I would have kept it inside my drawers to make everything in there fragrant too 😊

soap-glory-ww-bath-fizzer-reviewThe gold mica came off pretty quick (as you can see) and made the bath shimmery and oh so pretty.

It was also creamy feeling, and not gritty like some other bath bombs.


If you can find any more of these in Boots, I highly recommend you stockpile ’em before they’re goneΒ πŸ’—


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