Pretty Suds Snowflake Bath Bomb Review



If Elsa made bath bombs…

I absolutely heart this gorgeous snowflake bath fizzer from Pretty Suds. A dreamy bath and feeling like a Disney Princess is a pretty perfect mix.

This is my second bath bomb from the brand and they really don’t let down.

Gorgeous scent and colour are both strong.  The smell reminds me so much of my fave ever Bath & Body Works pocketbac I had (Berry Twinkle – from yeaaars ago when they had the original bottle style – I wish I had a better reference for you than that).


The notes are supposed to be sweet pears, vanilla, and cherries – this actually makes so much sense as I’m sure one of the main scents in “Berry Twinkle” was rum-soaked cherries or something similar.


And here is the beautiful blue this bath water ends up – this is all kinda bath dreams for me and I could have happily sat in this bath, and then just left the water there much longer than necessary just to look at it lol.


A definite recommendation, if you can still find this on sale give it a try! 💙

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