Pretty Suds – Purple Present Bath Bomb

pretty-suds-purple-present-bath-fizzerIt’s another Pretty Suds! 😍

This was another bath bomb from their Christmas range – until I was taking the pics for this post, I’d thought it was a golden cross to represent Jesus (actually saying to my friend – it’s so cute they’ve done a cross for Jesus since it’s his birthday πŸ˜†) obviously now I’ve took in the tag I realise it was a present with a bow lol.

So.. onto bath time!

You all know I love some sparkle and shimmer and the gold works its way into the water quickly – it didn’t leave much on the skin so don’t worry about that if it’s something that concerns you.

The scent is gorgeous – quite rich and musky not berry like you often expect with purple products.


Always important, because I don’t think anyone likes their bath water turning murky or grey – it turns a really beautiful pure purple colour.

These were originally Β£4 in Boots and are currently in the half price sale so Β£2 now if you want to try oneΒ πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


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