Nail Swatching … OPI – Koala Bear-y


🐨🐨 Hey, everyone! 🐨🐨

A short lil’ review here of OPI’s Koala Bear-y Nail colour and the main thing we all come to swatch posts for – a peek at the colour!!! (Forgive the not at all perfect painting – I was kinda in a rush applying and taking the pics and you can tell lol).

As you can see, it’s medium Barbie-type pink with Barbie’s brightness toned down, and has the old style bottle so was in clearance (yay) and has such a cute, cute name.

Would I Recommend? – Being honest it was quite a normal polish, nothing outstanding (except that name 😍), as it was in clearance it was worth the price paid (around Β£4) but you bear in mind OPI usually retails at around Β£10-Β£12, and can pick up the same kind of colour and quality from affordable brands like Rimmel.


Please do not judge the paint job πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜‚

Love yas xxxxx

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