Scent Review – DW Home Valentine Candles


Some super cute lil’ candles from DW Home’s Valentine’s Collection 💗

It’s so hard to resist cute candles sometimes but is also not the best idea buying them on-line since you obviously can’t smell them! lol.

As scent is so subjective I thought it would be a good idea and do my usual candle review style (featuring scent opinions from my perspective, a guy perspective, and a kid perspective – a 5 year old to be precise) for these fragrances to try and help if you’re considering purchasing any of these pretty scents 💕💕

Be Mine 

Me – There’s a definite sweetness here it’s so hard to put a name to – kind of like sugared flower petals if there’s such a thing. You just keep wanting to smell this, it’s not like any other candle I’ve smelled (except XOXO from the same collection lol).

Male – Nice. A Halloween smell – rubber, plastic-y mask. Fake blood. (The Halloween notes were a positive for him).

5 Year Old – Cupcake and vanilla

True Love 

Me – Old Lady floral was my exact first thought. It’s the most floral of all these candles and has a dried flowers, pot pourri kind of smell.

Male – “Woah!” (a good woah). “Touch of the Halloween-y stuff; purple-type smell. Don’t know how to describe.” “Best so far”

5 Year Old – “Mint” lol 😆 I definitely don’t think there are any mint notes in this.


Me – This is similar to “Be Mine” a hard to place sweet scent – maybe the Swizzels Love Heart sweets which do feature on the lids so is pretty likely they were inspo. It’s also mixed with something else sweet like doughnuts or cupcake.

Male – “Dewberry, definitely dewberry” (is this a real berry?) . “Sweet smell”, “Cookies and Rose”

5 Year Old – “Cake”. What Kind of cake? – “Maybe just a normal cake” 😊


Please share your thoughts if you have smelled any of these candles, I would love to hear your thoughts on their scents 😘



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