A Shimmery Greige…Swatching Nails Inc Temple Avenue

ni-temple-avenue-nail-swatch-Hey, everyone 👋

I bring to you today a little look at Nails Inc’s Temple Avenue, this is from the brand’s Nails Inc Pro Long Wear Gel Effect Nail Polish (gel effect as it requires no light etc. and just applies like a normal nail polish – yay, no faff 😁).


One coat – looks pretty good (please ignore how ragged my nail looks – didn’t notice that til cropping the pics🤦‍♀️) though there were a few little  (and I do mean little) patches/sheer parts that made  it a two-coater.

What surprised me a LOT was that there is teeny tiny micro shimmer in this colour – very light silver/pinky shimmer – really wasn’t expecting that. It just looked like a simple greige In the bottle but now that I’m looking back at it, you CAN actually see the subtle shimmer in there.


I’m not usually keen on these kind of colours but it was really pretty.  Some colours look better with tan, some without, I’m wearing fake tan here and do think it would have suited pale better.

Recommended? – If you look greige and want one with subtle shimmer to add to your collection than I’d defo recommend this

Hope that helps someone make their nail colour decision 💛


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