Swatching – Nails Inc Pro Gel Look Regent’s Place

nails-inc-regents-place-6First up, pleeeease excuse my lockdown nails – lots of hand washing, gels, and inability to find a nail file have left my hands and nails a mess buuut I still wanted a nice pop of colour and won’t let messy nails stop me from sharing cos you can still see the colour right?

With messy nails mentioned, let me introduce you to Nails Inc Pro Long Wear Gel-Look Colour in Regent’s PlaceΒ πŸ’™

If you’re familiar with Nails Inc you might know this shade – I checked it out on Google and seeing pictures of the normal Nails Inc polish the colour is more lilac and a little brighter – the Gel-Look is less light and a touch more blue.

It also has the usual square silver lid that you can remove to reveal a little black lid that you might find easier to paint with.


Ugh – the paintingΒ πŸ™ˆΒ – it honestly didn’t look that bad in person – the camera picked up every flaw lol.

The colour, however, gorgeous 😍- it’s really true to how it looks in the bottle as you can see. Had a nice shine – not totally glossy but far from matte, just a nice sheen.

This takes two thick coats or three thinner coats to reach opacity – two thin coats looked great in person but in pics there were a few see through streaks (I’m not sharing those pictures like I usually do because you can imagine how bad they are πŸ˜‚).

Anyhoo, if you can look past the lockdown nails and painting this is definitely a colour I’d recommend




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